Why protecting staff and client valuables are important to business success

As a business owner and manager, it is ultimately down to you to make sure that your staff and client’s valuables are protected. If an office or any other place of work hasn’t been made secure enough for employees, then it’s down to the boss. The workplace can easily be made secure by installing the likes of safes and security cameras, or simply with lockable drawers and cupboards. Keeping staff and client’s valuables secure is key to running a successful business, and here’s why:

Employees work better

When employees know their valuables are protected, they are happy and happiness is key to a good working environment. If employees know that their valuables are safe in the workplace, they can come to work worry-free, knowing that they can trust their colleagues. Successful businesses are built on relationships and trust between staff. When there are good and trustworthy relationships in place, everyone is happy, so productivity is increased, and team work is more effective.

Clients are reassured

Not only are staff reassured, but if clients know that their valuables are kept safe then they are too. Valuables aren’t just expensive electronics or money, it can be more important items such as confidential documents, which clients would consider as their valuables. When the client is reassured, they should remain a loyal customer, who you’ll keep a good relationship with. Keeping clients who can trust you is key to business success. Without longstanding customers, the business would shortly fail.

Builds a good reputation

When employees and clients are both happy and reassured, your business will gain a good reputation for treating people with respect. Happy staff will take pride in working for your business and are likely to tell people how safe and secure the workplace is and act as ambassadors. Finding staff should never be difficult. Reassured clients will be the ones who bring you in more business, as they’ll recommend you to other potential clients. Moreover, it has actually been proven that security or data breaches that expose personal information is one of the greatest impacts on business reputation.

It’s the law!

The law requires employers to keep a safe and secure work place. According to the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, it’s the employer’s duty to maintain the work place and make sure that equipment is safe and work efficiently. Although it’s not the employer’s fault if theft happens among employees, it’s the employer’s responsibility to prevent this from happening. This could be as simple as providing a desk with working lockable drawers and keys only for the employee. It could also be carrying out background checks before hiring staff, to ensure you’re hiring trustworthy people. Running a legally sound workplace will ensure business success.

This is just a few of the reasons why protecting staff valuables are important to business success. If you always remember these four key reasons your business should run smoothly.

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