Office Survival Kit

Working in the office can be a great experience for the vast majority but the environment can also be home to a few drawbacks if you don’t have all the necessary office items. At Site Office Solutions, we’ve put together a list of the typical office essentials you need to get through a Monday or any other day of the week. Let’s begin…

Pharmaceutical Items For an Emergency

No matter the time of the year it’s important to have cold and flu tablets at the ready near your desk. Whether its lemsip, paracetamol or other throat medicine. Your at higher risk of catching a cold from people if you’re working in an intimate office environment.  Keeping these medical helpers by your side keeps you one step ahead of the game.

The Use Of Headphones

Not at any point are we suggesting that you become anti-social in the office but there can be times when a deadline is looming, and you need to zone out and have your full concentration on the task at hand, so on occasion, this can be a good idea. If you have a team of content creators who need their full focus on a piece, then cancelling out the noise may be what the doctor ordered.

Refreshments At Your Desk

It’s important to have office refreshments readily available at your desk. It can be bottles of water (if the office doesn’t have a water fountain), chewing gum or mints as part of their survival kit. It’s normal to feel hungry as the day goes on so to save you going out several times to the shops each day, pack enough for the week at the office. But make sure you have restraint and don’t eat everything at once.

USB Charger

There’s no escaping technology in the modern office environment. We’ll have our mobile devices, iPads and other electronic items nearby. That’s why you should have a USB charger for your desktop installed so you are reachable at all times.

Hand Sanitiser

Germs can be spread and floated about in the corporate office workspace due to the number of workers in one space.  Hand sanitizer can stop germs in their tracks. This should be a vital part of your office survival kit.


So there you have it. The guide of all guides. What should be included in the office survival kit for employees.

Get in touch with us if you need any advice or help on your office layout or more. At Site Office Solutions we have what you need.

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