Modern Office Layout Vs Traditional Office Layout

if you’ve got a brick and mortar office or a mobile one on site, the old age debate of whether the traditional office space or a more open plan one is best for business, rages on. Some businesses cling to the past and keep the traditional style while others embrace the contemporary and explore the new.

It’s a matter of opinion but let’s check out the reasons as to why some pick a modern office layout over a traditional one:

The Modern Office

We need to first know exactly what a modern office stands for. This style of open office promotes creativity, collaboration between teams, fewer divisions, more communication and can improve employee morale. Also, getting the workplace conditions right help enable employees to stay motivated and dedicated to the cause.

The Pros:

A modern office environment will contain furniture that is luxurious and up to date. Keeping high end furniture makes the company look prestigious and upmarket while also keeping your employees and clients comfortable during office hours.

The modern office offers a place where employees can collaborate on projects due to its open plan. This means that businesses can solve problems quickly through discussions and brain storming and in turn push the business forward.

The Cons:

Having an eye catching office with modern furniture and a super cool layout it can be costly for some businesses as they may want to stay ahead of the game and continually change and upgrade their business environment. This can also become time consuming and distract a business from other important matters.

Having a modern open plan office can also mean that it can be more difficult to have private discussions with other shareholders or clients if you don’t have dedicated meeting rooms integrated into the open plan setting.

The Traditional Office

In comparison to a modern office setting, the more traditional style can be more rigid in design and style.  There will be a divide that’s visible between employees here and there will not be any innovative furniture for employees to sit on. A traditional office could also possibly have cubicles spread throughout which limits the chance of collaboration between staff members.


This type of office space offers more chance of privacy to discuss certain matters and even any grievances with your employees.


If we’re being honest not many people may want to work in a traditional office setting and this is true for millennial workers. It can be expensive to change the layout of a traditional office as you may need to knock down walls in certain instances. It can also be harder to sell your brand if you have a dusty and out of date office space.

In Conclusion

Looking at the discussion, we can see that a modern and traditional office both have their pros and cons. The modern office is all about collaboration and inspiring employees while the traditional setting is more about working in a robot style.

At Site Office Solutions different environments work for different businesses. If you’re looking for office furniture to enhance your office setting whether that’s on site or elsewhere please get in touch with us today.


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