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Whether you’d like to believe it or not, clutter and mess aren’t great for a productive life. When it comes to your office desk, you’re productive when your desk or general area is free of clutter and mess. It can also be good for your health. Having a well run and effective workspace is vital for a growing and aspirational business too.

Let’s find out why having a clutter free office is good for you and your employees.

Stress Happens Due To Clutter

It’s difficult to be at one with yourself and to be calm when you’re surrounded by a messy office environment where you can’t find what you’re looking for. Clutter becomes a barrier to success.

You’ll feel bogged down and see work as more of a task if you walk into the office first thing and see a messy desk.  It can slow you down to a degree and lower productiveness levels.

Create A Good Impression

If you have visitors to the office and they see a messy environment, they might take a dim view on it. They might not have the most of professional views on the company.  Furniture should be in keeping with the organisation and it should be clean and tidy.  Impressions last.

Managers Are Impressed By Tidiness

Presentation is key to impressing your manager.  It’s more than how you present yourself at the office. It’s also down to how you work environment is and how the work is presented. It might be that promotion that’s coming up and it could come down to who works the most professionally.

Be Efficient

Be more efficient by having a tidy desk. You won’t be taking time to look for things and you’ll get down to the task in hand quicker. Important documents won’t be lost under post it notes and other paperwork.

Be Less Distracted

Ever tried to be relaxed and comfortable at home when it’s a mess after a party? It probably didn’t happen. There would be that feeling that you need to tidy up.  The same can be in relation to work and this can distract you from getting the job done.

Clutter Free Is Good For Your Health

What’s dwelling on your keyboard? Do you eat at your desk? Well, the remnants of your lunch, i.e. crumbs, go into the keyboard and believe it or not, viruses can be developed from this space.

If you don’t eat at your desk but have had a cold then germs are likely to have gathered on your keyboard, mouse and computer screen.

Your desk is filled with bacteria so it’s important that it is cleaned on a regular basis. This ties with a clutter free area as if you have an environment free from mess then you’re cleaning often.

If you want a clutter free office environment, then this is the way to go about it. Fresh, clean and ready to have a productive working day.  All it takes is a little organisation, cleaning and your working area will be ready for all the tasks of the day.

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