9 ways to save money kitting out your office

The early stages of setting up a business is a crucial time and the outflow of cash must be spent wisely. This post outlines 9 genius ways to save money when kitting out your office.

One of the first steps to setting up a business is opening an office, which obviously needs to be kitted out. At Site Office Solutions we offer the most affordable office furniture in the UK and are never beat on price.

However, we’ve put together this guide of money saving tips to help our customers save even more money when kitting out their offices.

Here are our top 9 money saving tips to consider when the time comes to open the office.

1) Plan ahead

Before you begin spending, the smartest thing to do is create a plan. First and foremost, plan your current budget and the funds that are available to spend on office furniture. Consider the amount of staff that will be in the office and the available space there will be. Research the furniture you think you will need.

2) Compare prices/look around

While you’re still in the early stages of planning, it’s worth having a thorough browse and compare prices. This might take up some time, but if you really want to save the cash then it’ll be worthwhile at the end. Take notes of all the different prices and add them up at the end to calculate the estimated amount you’ll spend.

3) Only buy the essentials

When the time comes to start buying, it’s easy to get carried away, over-spend and find yourself having bought more than what’s really needed. After researching what furniture you think you’ll need, make an exact list of what and how many – and be realistic. Start off small and expand if necessary.

4) Share space

A helpful tip to not over-spending and to save space, is to share space. The first way to share space is through desk-sharing. Hot-desking can be done by offering staff flexible working hours.

Not only does desk sharing save space, it saves money too. Research shows desk sharing can cut business costs by up to 30%.

For collaborative space in Glasgow check out this article by Glasgow Live.

5) Buy direct from manufacturers

You often get the lowest prices and the best deals when buying directly from manufacturers. Direct purchasing is cheaper because of the lack of additional costs that you would normally get when buying from retail. Direct buying sellers employ less staff than retailers which also reduces the costs.

6) Consider second-hand

There are countless charity shops that sell second-hand furniture which can easily be refurbished. The only disadvantage of second-hand furniture is that it might not be in the best condition or last as long as new furniture.

7) Consider hiring

Another option – if you don’t fancy old furniture – is to hire. A lot can change during the early stages of starting up a business. So to buy office furniture so early on can be unnecessary. Hiring furniture is a good way to kick start things and allow flexibility.

8) Raise funds

If you’re really tight for money, it might be worth raising funds. This can be done by hosting an event or taking part in a challenge and receiving sponsors. You could end up receiving more help than you thought you would!

9) Improvise

A good way to get office furniture is by improvising with what you’ve got. Can’t afford a £600 standing desk? No problem!

Check out this ingenious standing desk hack below.

Yes, that is an Ikea coffee table with a shelf sat on top of a standard desk! Think outside the box and you can really cut your costs.

10) *Bonus Tip* Site Office Solutions

Site office solutions offer the most affordable office furniture in the UK. We won’t be beaten on price or quality by any competition both online and on the high street. To really save money when kitting out your office

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