19 office equipment essentials

Opening an office for your new business and don’t know where to begin? We’ve made a list of the top office equipment essentials:

1) Desks

This is an obvious essential, as it’s where you’ll carry out most of your working duties

We have two office desks to choose from; a 1200mm single pedestal desk or a 1500mm single pedestal. Each comes with two built-in lockable drawers. Desks can take up a lot of space in the office, so if you’re looking to optimise space, consider desk-sharing among staff.

2) Office chairs

Office workers spend an average of six to ten hours a day sitting in an office chair, so it’s important to have suitable chairs for you and your staff.

Our office chairs are made from a comfortable padded material that’s suitable for up to eight hours of use. A good quality office chair should be adjustable and have armrests, which are other features of ours.

3) Filing cabinet

If you want an organised office, then a filing cabinet should be a priority. Not only will it keep paper documents orderly, it’ll keep any private documents secure.

Our filing cabinets come with four strong lockable drawers and two keeps in case of emergencies!

4) Cupboard

While a filing cabinet will organise and secure paper documents, you’ll need a cupboard to organise the rest, such as folders and stationery. Like a filing cabinet, a suitable office cupboard should be lockable, and have double doors with three adjustable shelves, giving you four levels of storage.

5) Meeting table

Every office needs a meeting table, providing you have space for one. It might be the only time you and other members of staff, or clients, will get the chance to all sit down together for important discussions.

You can get affordable meeting tables from us that are a suitable size for any office meeting room.

6) Meeting room chairs

To pair up with the table, you’ll need chairs for the meeting table. Meeting chairs don’t really need to have the same features as an office chair, like being able to adjust, as less time will be spent on them. However, they should still be comfortable with a padded back and bottom.

We offer sturdy, padded meeting chairs that offer additional comfort.

7) Computers

An office wouldn’t be able to function without computers. How would emails get sent or documents be created? Whether you want laptops only in the office, desktops only, or a mixture of both, it’s entirely up to you – and the budget you have to spend. The best thing to do would be to have a browse around and compare prices.

8) Internet connection

You’ll need an internet connection if you want to actually use the computers. Having an internet connection is crucial for businesses nowadays. Depending on what type of business you’re running, you’d need it for marketing and advertising, research and communication.

9) Printer and scanner

To accompany the computers, you’ll need a printer and scanner. Depending on the size of the office, one printer is usually enough for everyone. To save space and money, it’d be a good idea to get a multifunctional printer, with a scanner and copier. Like searching for computers, you should compare prices as these can be costly.

10) Shredder

To help with the security of documents, having a shredder can guarantee this. Instead of holding on to old documents you don’t need, shred and recycle them. By shredding them you are destroying any confidential information that could potentially be stolen.

11) Stationary

The small things matter too. From pens, pencils and highlighters, to staplers, paperclips and hole punchers. These small things are also essential objected needed to run a business effectively and allow staff to work productively.

12) Phoneline

Even though you probably have a mobile phone, you’ll need a separate one for in the office. You wouldn’t want clients or other businesses constantly trying to get a hold of you on your personal phone. Not only does a business phone look more professional, it keeps you and employees personal phone numbers safe.

13) Coffee urn/kettle

For some people, they simply cannot function without coffee. It improves productivity and helps fight sluggishness. Having a coffee urn in the office means staff would never feel sluggish, and even if they did, there’d be a solution!

Granted, a kettle is a much cheaper option than a coffee machine, but coffee machines produce coffee on demand, so…

14) Fridge

Whether you go out for lunch or not, having a fridge is smart. You’ll want to keep milk for the teas and coffees fresh, even for bringing lunches in. You wouldn’t want a homemade lunch sitting in a stuffy office all day when it can be kept fresh in a fridge.

We sell office fridges perfect for small to medium companies.

15) Microwave

Think of the amount of money that’s spent weekly on nipping out to the shop during lunch time. Now think of the amount that you and staff could save if there was a microwave in the office or office kitchen. Dinner leftovers, soup and instant meals for lunch. Thankfully, you can buy a reasonably priced microwave from us.

16) Security system

Just like houses and cars, an office should have a security system installed too. Having a good security system in place protects business assets and investments, offers a safe working environment to employees and can even save money on insurance.

17) Fire extinguisher

You never truly know the likeliness of a fire starting, so keeping a fire extinguisher in the office should never be overlooked. Having one strategically placed in the office again offers a safe working environment to employees

18) First aid

No matter how safe your office is, the law requires all employers to keep a first aid kit. According to The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981; “employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work.”

19) Speakers

Research shows that having music playing in the background can improve employee’s moods and make them cooperate and make group decisions better. However, to play music in any business requires a licence, otherwise, it’s illegal. You can easily apply for The Music Licence and the fee depends on how big your business it.


In the end, it all comes down to your budget and how much you’re willing to spend on office equipment. Luckily, our site can give you some of these essentials for a great price.

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